Prayer Ministry: Prayer is about relationship. Daniel states it clearly, they that know their God shall be strong and they shall carry out great exploits. So one key to prayer is to have an intimate relationship with God. The other major key is to trust in what Christ Jesus did, God relates to us according to our faith in Jesus’ finished work not according to our own efforts. We also have to believe that God is.

Men Ministry: The mighty men of Valor. The gentle voice of the daughter to the fathers. One might ask, what does a single lady have to say to men? Well, you just have to come to one of the meetings to find out. It is the gentle voice of the maidservant in Naman’s household that triggered the events that led to his healing.


Women Ministry: Adorning the bride of Christ. God will use anyone who is available. Regardless of gender or culture. He will use you women too, as women. Take Debora for example, she was a wife, a mother and a prophetess. Balak could not got to war unless Debora went with him.

Young Adults Ministry: Youth with a destiny. Can anyone hear me? Over. David was a young man when he killed Goliath, unlike David’s Father, let’s remember our youth. Let God allow us to see beyond the natural and see in them the treasure that they are to God. This ministry is an ear to the youth.


Children’s Ministry: Platform for Children to go to Him: my spirit is as big as your spirit, the children would say, there is no junior Holy Spirit, others would say. We minister to the children too.